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What is digital rights management?

Digital Rights Management enables you to set and impose copyright protection for your intellectual property such as market research, eBooks, training materials, modules, reports, and other confidential documents. You will be able to protect your digital files from unauthorized redistribution and restrict ways your customers or recipients copy content.

Protect Valuable Documents

Common use cases for DRM software include protection of eBooks, training materials and compliance and regulatory documents.

Multiple File Formats Supported

Protect PDF files, images, videos, MS Office documents and more on Digify DRM platform.

Simple & Easy-To-Use

With Digify's built-in tracking and security, it is easy to keep the integrity and confidentiality of your files.

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"We house all our training resources for our E-Learning program on Our business depends on ensuring our students are not giving away our resources to others or the web. And I love the new changes they continue to make to make the product even better."

Brittany B.

Training Coordinator,

DRM software features

Control Distribution of
Confidential Documents

With Digify, you have the ability to restrict downloads/printing and automatically watermark your documents.

Restrict and Revoke Access
to Your Files

Control which users can access your documents and revoke the permissions anytime. You can also restrict forwarding and set expiration dates for access.

Track User Activity
with Analytics

Know where and when each user accesses all of your documents with Digify's user analytics and activity log.

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"We use Digify to securely share sensitive documents as part of due diligence processes and security reviews. Love the ease of use of the platform."

Jonathan Dunlop

Director of Legal Risk & Compliance, Vidyard

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